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Waterbury Festival Playhouse Newsletter January 21, 2013

posted at 9:29 am Tue Jan 22nd, 2013 by (WherezIt_Staff)


Ain't that a shot in the eye? We're Back

And it's time to announce the 2013 Season

From Jen and our Fund Raising Committee

I write today to tell you about some exciting developments in fundraising for the WFP. We just received $335 from Chase Bank and that was just from a few e-mails going out and getting people to "like" us!

The WFP is currently rehearsing the “Fifteen Minute Hamlet” for presentation at fundraising cocktail parties. I had the opportunity to sit-in on a rehearsal of this hilarious show and would encourage folks to host a cocktail party as I think it will prove to be a truly unique experience for your guests as well as a neat way to support the WFP. Hosting a house party is a great way to introduce your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to the WFP. Your guests will definitely want to come out to the theater after attending this house party presentation thinking if this is what they can do in a living room in fifteen minutes then I can’t imagine what they can do in the theater for a full length show. I’m eager to host my own party to expose folks to the WFP. Please let us know if you would like to do the same by replying just to this e-mail.

The WFP is also looking to provide supporters with the opportunity to sponsor an actor, sponsor a show, or sponsor the entire season. We’re still working on the details but if you or anyone you know has any interest in this again please let us know.

The WFP has a great season ahead with four shows beginning in June. The next step for the fundraising committee is to identify corporate sponsors and playbill advertisers. We could use new ideas and input as we get started on this very important work.

The fundraising committee is looking to recruit new members. Our next meeting is set for February 7 at 7pm at Kathi Kiernan’s home in Stowe. For those who don’t know, Kathi is the managing director of the WFP. If you have any interest in supporting the WFP with some of your time, energy, and ideas then please let Kathi know by e-mailing her at>

From Kathi our Managing Director

I think all of you receiving this will agree that the Waterbury Festival Playhouse is a hidden gem that we want to keep vibrant for years to come. High quality theater that stretches and delights us, brings us entertainment and expands our horizons. It’s a small, unique group of us that enjoy the Waterbury Festival Playhouse shows, but those of us behind the scenes recognize that one of the greatest assets we have is our patrons. Those of you who come year after year, enjoy what you see, and keep coming back are the community we are trying to reach. You are the community we want to develop and expand to help ensure that Waterbury Festival Playhouse remains an exciting part of our local culture that we are proud to share with the people we know.

One of the roles I have is to coordinate people who want to get involved in keeping the Waterbury Festival Playhouse as a vibrant resource in our community. There are lots of opportunities to get involved – usher at a show; help us find support from local advertisers and sponsors; hosting a “theater party” to introduce the WFP to friends and potential sponsors; become a sponsor, help with other aspects of production or something totally different. Don’t be shy about letting us know that you want to get involved, and where your interests may lay. We are open to all kinds of ideas. This is your local theater for non-musical productions. How do you want to see it develop?

To reach Kathi email>

From George the Artistic Director

It’s great to be directing again. I’ve already had the pleasure of directing our cocktail party show “The Fifteen Minute Hamlet” and we’re looking forward to our first sponsored party so we can show it off. I am also very excited about our 2013 Season. We’ve picked 4 very interesting and diverse shows, and are currently working very hard at getting them cast. So, without further adieu here is the 2013 Season for the Waterbury Festival Playhouse.

Noises Off

Thu. 6/20 - Sat. 6/22, Wed. 6/26 - Sat. 6/29, Wed. 7/3 - Sat. 7/6
Directed by George Pierce, Written by Michael Frayn

Graphic1 This British farce within a British farce has become a classic. This was the first show to be performed on the Waterbury Festival Playhouse stage and it is back with a vengeance. Doors, sardines and women in their underwear what more could a theatergoer want. Go deep inside the backstage soap opera that is live theater. Experience the other half of the show, the one only the actors know about. This is a mad paced romp, and is appropriate for anyone who can handle a little foul language and a lot of suggestive behavior.

School for Lies (based on Molier’s The Misanthrope)

Thu. 7/25 – Sat. 7/27, Wed. 7/31 – Sat. 8/3, Wed. 8/7 – Sat. 8/10
Directed by Ethan T. Bowen, Written by David Ives

Graphic1 Three hundred and Fifty years ago, Moliere’s The Misanthrope lampooned a French society where lying was common, false praise was rampant, and all the posturing was about status. In the shadow of our most recent election we found a faction of our modern society that embodies these classic hypocrisies: the Grand Old Party (and the resemblance is truly scary). David Ives’ modern spin on The Misanthrope is extremely accessible to today’s audiences and promises a fun night out to all who attend. No political posturing, just poking fun at life’s eternal human foibles.

Parasite Drag

Thu. 8/29 – Sat. 8/31, Wed. 9/4 – Sat. 9/7, Wed. 9/11 – Sat. 9/14
Directed by George Pierce, Written by Mark Roberts

Graphic1 Life has drama, and some lives have a lot of it. This show reaches deep inside you, shakes up your guts, and then drops you back into real life hard. What is it about seeing people’s inner thoughts and feelings torn open for the whole world to see that we find so compelling? This is what dramatic theater is all about. Go out for drinks, take the long way home, or just plan to sit in your car, because you will want time to talk about this show after you see it. This is NOT recommended for young audiences.


Thu. 10/3 – Sat. 10/5, Wed. 10/9 – Sun. 10/13, Wed. 10/16 – Sat. 10/19
Directed by Marcel Freda, Written by Neil Simon

Graphic1 You arrive at a dinner party, the host has been shot, the hostess is nowhere to be found, no food is ready, and nobody knows what’s going on. This is one of Neil Simon’s classic studies of people in unusual situations. It is a hilarious comedy of misunderstandings and miscommunications in a group of friends in an unexpected situation. It sounds like a modern TV sitcom. Well it is. Live and in person and where you are the laugh track.
George Pierce - Artistic Director
Kathi Kiernan - Managing Director
Waterbury Festival Playhouse
2933 Waterbury-Stowe Road
Waterbury Center, VT 05677-7030
Central Vermont's Semi-Professional Theater

Thank you and we hope to see you soon.

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2933 Waterbury-Stowe Road, Waterbury Center, VT 05677 (Set as Local)

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