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Pembroke Takes Second Straight Memorial Day Classic

Pembroke Takes Second Straight Memorial Day Classic Waterbury Vermont

posted at 1:24 pm Tue Jun 1st, 2010 by (WherezIt_Staff)

Montpelier's Dave Pembroke earned his second straight Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic win at Barre, VT's Thunder Road International Speedbowl on Sunday, May 30.

Pembroke started the race from the 14th spot and worked his way through traffic to take the lead on lap 68. Pembroke would hold the lead for the remainder of the race.

Granitevile's John Donahue took the lead early in the event after starting on the outside pole. He led the majority of the first 60 laps while battling with Barre's Nick Sweet, who spun on lap 46 while battling for the lead. Joey Becker also led several laps before Pembroke got by. Donahue would hold on for second, Eric Williams came from the 25th starting spot to claim third while Joey Laquerre and Rich Lowrey rounded out the top five.

Becker would hold on for sixth followed by Tracie Bellerose, Jamie Fisher, Nick Sweet, and Brent Dragon to complete the top ten.

The 48th Annual Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic was a ACT Invitational at New Hampshire Motor Speedway qualifier. Pembroke now becomes the fourth driver to receive an invite. He joins Nick Sweet, Eddie MacDonald and Patrick Laperle as qualifiers for the Saturday, September 18th event in Loudon, NH.

It was Pembroke's second straight feature win in Thunder Road Late Model competition with his previous victory coming in the season opening event at Devils Bowl Speedway just seven days ago, Sunday, May 23.

The Modified Racing Series portion of the Memorial Day Classic Doubleheader saw Bellingham, MA's Stephen Mase earn his second career MRS feature win. His first was the 2009 Memorial Day win at Thunder Road. He was followed to the line by Rob Goodenough of Swanzey, NH and Ken Barry of Preston, CT.

The Bond Auto Tiger Sportsman saw Brendan Moodie rebound from not qualifying for the opening day event at Thunder Road and claim the win. He held off Tom Therrien how took second and Ricky Roberts in third. Lance Allen and David Finck completed the top five.

The Allen Lumber Street Stocks saw Travis Hull take the win in the feature event followed by Mike MacAskill, Daniel Lathrop, Jamie Davis and David LaFleche rounding out the top five. Amanda Habel took the win in the Reserve Feature.

The top finishing Junkyard Warriors were Ken Christman Josh Erwin, and Brock Parrott.

The "Nation's Site of Excitement" will take next weekend off before back to back Sunday events. Sunday, June 13 will be Ferguson Waterworks night while Sunday, June 20 is Harvest Equipment night. Both post times will be at 4:00pm. Ferguson Waterworks (June 13) night will also feature Kiddie Rides from 1:30pm to 2:30pm.

The Bond Auto Tiger Sportsman will take their show on the road next weekend with the first event of the 2010 Bond Auto/WIX Tiger Tour. The 100 lap event will be at White Mountain Motorsports Park in North Woodstock, NH on Saturday, June 5.

Unofficial Results
Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic 100
Thunder Road Late Models
Sunday, May 30, 2010
Pos Car # Driver Laps

1 44VT Dave Pembroke 100

2 26VT John Donahue 100

3 7VT Eric Williams 100

4 15VT Joey Laquerre 100

5 8VT Richard Lowrey 100

6 16VT Joey Becker 100

7 2NH Tracie Bellerose 100

8 18VT Jamie Fisher 100

9 88VT Nick Sweet 100

10 55VT Brent Dragon 100

11 42VT Matt White 100

12 68VT Brooks Clark 100

13 40VT Eric Chase 100

14 41VT Pete Potvin III 100

15 99VT #Cody Blake 100

16 25VT David Whitcomb 100

17 00VT Mike Bailey 100

18 26NH DJ Shaw 100

19 75VT Pete Fecteau 100

20 4VT Doug Murphy 100

21 74VT Jerry Lesage 99

22 34VT Dylan Smith 99

23 81VT Grant Folsom 99

24 12VT Reno Gervais 99

25 6VT Cris Michaud 96

26 20VT Chris Chambers 94

27 49VT Nate Brown 91

28 1VT Tony Andrews 55

29 14VT Phil Scott 49

Unofficial Results - Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic 100 - Thunder Road Late Models - Sunday, May 30, 2010 - 1. Dave Pembroke (44VT) Montpelier, VT, 2. John Donahue (26VT) Graniteville, VT, 3. Eric Williams (7VT) Hyde Park, VT, 4. Joey Laquerre (15VT) E. Montpelier, VT, 5. Richard Lowrey (8VT) Charlotte, VT, 6. Joey Becker (16VT) Jeffersonville, VT, 7. Tracie Bellerose (2NH) Gorham, NH, 8. Jamie Fisher (18VT) Shelburne, VT, 9. Nick Sweet (88VT) Barre, VT, 10. Brent Dragon (55VT) Milton, VT, 11. Matt White (42VT) Northfield, VT, 12. Brooks Clark (68VT) Fayston, VT, 13. Eric Chase (40VT) Milton, VT, 14. Pete Potvin III (41VT) Graniteville, VT, 15. #Cody Blake (99VT) Barre, VT, 16. David Whitcomb (25VT) Essex Jct., VT, 17. Mike Bailey (00VT) South Barre, VT, 18. DJ Shaw (26NH) Conway, NH, 19. Pete Fecteau (75VT) Morrisville, VT, 20. Doug Murphy (4VT) Tunbridge, VT, 21. Jerry Lesage (74VT) Winooski, VT, 22. Dylan Smith (34VT) Randolph, VT, 23. Grant Folsom (81VT) Waitsfield, VT, 24. Reno Gervais (12VT) Island Pond, VT, 25. Cris Michaud (6VT) E. Montpelier, VT, 26. Chris Chambers (20VT) Brookfield, VT, 27. Nate Brown (49VT) Craftsbury, VT, 28. Tony Andrews (1VT) Northfield, VT, 29. Phil Scott (14VT) Montpelier, VT.

Unofficial Results

Bond Auto Tiger Sportsman Feature

Pos Car # Driver

1 94 Brendan Moodie

2 48 Tom Therrien

3 9 Ricky Roberts

4 18 Lance Allen

5 37 David Finck

6 31 Shawn Fleury

7 4 Bobby Therrien

8 68 Derrick O'Donnell

9 36 Joel Hodgdon

10 04 Eric Badore

11 26 Mike Ziter

12 90 Tony Rossi

13 55 Brian Delphia

14 06 Jeff French

15 23 Matt Potter

16 80 Pete Ainsworth, Jr.

17 58 Jimmy Hebert

18 1 Scott Coburn

19 8 Mike Billado

20 2 John Lambert

21 01 #Mike Martin

22 28 Tim Potter

23 16 George May

24 0 Mark Barnier

25 5 Troy Gray

26 40 Shawn Powell

27 10 Josh Demers

28 00 Joe Steffen

Unofficial Bond Auto Tiger Sportsman Feature Results - 1. Brendan Moodie (94) Wolcott, VT, 2. Tom Therrien (48) Hinesburg, VT, 3. Ricky Roberts (9) Washington, VT, 4. Lance Allen (18) Barre, VT, 5. David Finck (37) Barre, VT, 6. Shawn Fleury (31) Middlesex, VT, 7. Bobby Therrien (4) Hinesburg, VT, 8. Derrick O'Donnell (68) Bradford, VT, 9. Joel Hodgdon (36) Craftsbury, VT, 10. Eric Badore (04) Milton, VT, 11. Mike Ziter (26) Williamstown, VT, 12. Tony Rossi (90) Peacham, VT, 13. Brian Delphia (55) Waterbury, VT, 14. Jeff French (06) Northfield, VT, 15. Matt Potter (23) Marshfield, VT, 16. Pete Ainsworth, Jr. (80) Middlesex, VT, 17. Jimmy Hebert (58) Williamstown, VT, 18. Scott Coburn (1) Barre, VT, 19. Mike Billado (8) Essex, VT, 20. John Lambert (2) Northfield, VT, 21. #Mike Martin (01) Craftsbury, VT, 22. Tim Potter (28) Montpelier, VT, 23. George May (16) Barre, VT, 24. Mark Barnier (0) Essex Jct., VT, 25. Troy Gray (5) Fairlee, VT, 26. Shawn Powell (40) Jericho, VT, 27. Josh Demers (10) Middlesex, VT, 28. Joe Steffen (00) Essex Jct., VT.

Unofficial Results

Allen Lumber Street Stocks/Junkyard Warriors Main Event

Pos Car # Driver

1 66ss Travis Hull

2 3ss Micheal MacAskill

3 6ss Daniel Lathrop

4 43ss Jamie Davis

5 2ss David LaFleche

6 38ss Greg Adams

7 18ss #Jayme Lee

8 77ss Dave Whitcomb

9 7ss Jean LeBlanc

10 40ss Rick Utley

11 92ss Garry Bashaw

12 03ss Lloyd Blakely

13 09ss Amanda Habel

14 51ss #Sid Sweet Jr.

15 33ss #Thomas Placey

16 05ss #Donnie Yates

17 04ss Scott Weston

18 4jyw Ken Christman

19 24ss Marvin Johnson

20 75ss Joe Fecteau

21 83ss Bunker Hodgdon

22 34ss Tim Campbell, Sr.

23 57jyw Josh Erwin

24 23jyw Brock Parrott

25 9ss Ron Gabaree

26 47ss William Hennequin

27 12jyw Fred Schroeder

28 8jyw Kevin Dodge

29 07ss Eric Johnson

Unofficial Results - Allen Lumber Street Stocks/Junkyard Warriors Main Event - 1. Travis Hull (66ss) Graniteville, VT, 2. Micheal MacAskill (3ss) Williamstown, VT, 3. Daniel Lathrop (6ss) Hyde Park, VT, 4. Jamie Davis (43ss) Wolcott, VT, 5. David LaFleche (2ss) Graniteville, VT, 6. Greg Adams (38ss) Hardwick, VT, 7. #Jayme Lee (18ss) Barre, VT, 8. Dave Whitcomb (77ss) Elmore, VT, 9. Jean LeBlanc (7ss) Gorham, NH, 10. Rick Utley (40ss) Wheelock, VT, 11. Garry Bashaw (92ss) Lincoln, VT, 12. Lloyd Blakely (03ss) Graniteville, VT, 13. Amanda Habel (09ss) Roxbury, VT, 14. #Sid Sweet Jr. (51ss) Williamstown, VT, 15. #Thomas Placey (33ss) Bradford, VT, 16. #Donnie Yates (05ss) N. Montpelier, VT, 17. Scott Weston (04ss) Berlin, VT, 18. Ken Christman (4jyw) Cabot, VT, 19. Marvin Johnson (24ss) Essex Jct., VT, 20. Joe Fecteau (75ss) Hardwick, VT, 21. Bunker Hodgdon (83ss) Hardwick, VT, 22. Tim Campbell, Sr. (34ss) W. Topsham, VT, 23. Josh Erwin (57jyw) Waterbury, VT, 24. Brock Parrott (23jyw) Williamstown, VT, 25. Ron Gabaree (9ss) Barre, VT, 26. William Hennequin (47ss) Morrisville, VT, 27. Fred Schroeder (12jyw) Bristol, VT, 28. Kevin Dodge (8jyw) Barre, VT, 29. Eric Johnson (07ss) Randolph Ctr., VT.

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