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How about a Round About?

posted at 6:44 pm Tue Oct 24th, 2006 by (WherezIt_Staff)

Waterbury may soon have one. The picture represents the preliminary desing for a Waterbury round about. Stantec (fromerly Dufresne-Henry Inc.) is doing the design work, and should be completed in 2007. Construction will take place based on the availability of Federal Funds (the project will be paid for 100% with federal funds).

So, what do you think, is this a good idea? Does the design make sense? Will the tourists think this is a new ride at Ben and Jerry's?

Relevant Address(es):
38 N Main St, Waterbury, VT 05676 (Map)

  • How About a Round About?
    by Sheila Rivers (srivers) on 7:39 pm Oct 28 06
    I think it is about time! Can't wait but I'm a little
    concerned about the pool being so nearby and
    people driving may be distracted by the round-
    about and forget to keep an eye out for kids, of
    which there are plenty nearby the intersection
    during the summer months.

  • Re: Parking in Maxi's
    by Rene Churchill (rcc) on 1:49 pm Nov 6 06
    From the looks of the drawing, Maxi's is going to loose some of their already limited parking. Doubt they're going to be happy about that.

  • Round About
    by Soni Knapp (Soni) on 2:47 pm Mar 15 07
    Being a native Vermonter, I'm very concerned that those who have moved here from other states want to turn our rural, small town state into something like those the outa-staters left behind!! (Just look at Chittenden County!!!) Round About indeed!! Send all of the outa- staters back to where they came from and let them build all the round abouts they want!

    If I still lived in Waterbury, I would definitely vote NO to the round about!

  • yes to round about
    by (biker) on 11:19 am Mar 26 07
    round abouts keep the trafic flowing smoothly. There are many in Europe. We should have a round about by Walker Motors at Rt 2 and 302, and one near Dudlys' store in E. Montpelier.

  • Comment
    by (MamaVT) on 6:48 pm Jan 30 10
    What's wrong with a traffic light?

  • Traffic lights..boring
    by James Bordeaux (vt6spd) on 3:46 am Apr 5 10
    This is a good and bad situation. Bad because of the kids/padestrians moving in and out of the walks. They would be run over easily. Perhaps a "walk under", from the pool to Armory drive would be safer!?

    Good for the flow of traffic! And the town wouldn't have to add poles, lights, power lines etc.

  • No
    by Sarah Cubitz (SarahCubitz) on 8:33 am Sep 25 10
    I don't believe our traffic situation is so densely packed that it calls for such a ridiculous waste of funding for our town. Traffic lights have become an irritation to the normal flow of traffic that, from my viewpoint having been driving through Waterbury for the last 15 years, was never an issue, and STILL isn't an issue, granted we all have to waste our time waiting for some kid who turned right out of Shaw's and tripped the red light. I certainly vote NO

  • round about
    by (infowars.com) on 1:44 pm Mar 27 12
    This is as Ridiculous as the money being spent on lprs systems that most of the law enforcement is toting around on there cruisers not to mention a complete violation of your right to privacy.Anyway side issue .Having a roundabout go up next to me here in hyde park i can say from experience it HASNT really changed much . There are still plenty of accidents traffic merging to go north south east or west is as fast as its ever been not to mention my property has been at the very least partially defaced. Vermont is vermont and roundabouts have no real use here. Put up a stop light or leaave it alone and put the millions that a project ike this costs to some good use .

  • Save money.
    by James Bordeaux (vt6spd) on 1:53 pm Mar 27 12
    Now that Irene has ruined most of our town-ditch rotary project, fix the rec fields, pave the roads and get the side walks up to date. Perhaps help some of those businesses move back to town!

  • Comment
    by (Local gal) on 11:48 pm Mar 30 12
    The negative parking impact on Maxis is not a desired consequence on local Waterbury business. The curved driving line on the south side of the roundabout both east and west is probably going to annoy drivers. When drivers are equally adept at using a roundabout traffic can flow efficiently. This intersection is backed up in the morning and late afternoon. During the foliage season it is best to avoid it. My vote is no!
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